War Stories

*War Stories is a collection of Published Creative Non-Fiction Essays. This genre is also called Memoir, Autobiography or Personal Narrative. “Metaphors Upon Greeting Mosul,” and “V’s Mortar Story and the Happy Persistence of Time” are part of a collection of short stories that I hope to publish by 2018. Any feedback on form or content will be appreciated and considered.

“A man in a bank – suddenly – finds himself with no pants on. They’ve been stolen or their absence was somehow not noticed, until this very moment. His world collapses in self-conscious reverie and he prays to God for help. God answers. A gunman steps into the bank lobby and shouts “Nobody move!”…” 

Story is seen on Pg. 52-55

“I’m standing in a group of men in a parking lot behind our barracks. We kick at the blue gravel with our feet, hoping chips of this moment will break free, scatter, become less brilliant. We are here to speak with V after losing him as platoon sergeant so many months ago. We force our eyes to watch as he lifts his pant leg and shows us the metal articulations of his loss…” 

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